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36 zips – n-pire da great lyrics


(verse) ten times a hundred times a hundred times a hundred grand, all black batman automatic mac man
he gon need a cat scan,arm,leg,back scan forgot something ambulance black vans
marino yeah n-gga thats dan green, snow, light tan black grams black land rover attack lay em over
the flat land crack weighing way over a stack paying mix a little soda shake it like a lap dance
ha, twerk something make it whistle too, stir em up knock the noodle out ya chicken soup
bird brain n-ggas end up in the eagle’s view, 2 things 1 cube i’m coming thru

(chorus) 36 zips,36 zips,36 zips on a triple beam scale
36 zips, 36 zips, 36 zips on a triple beam scale (chorus repeats)

(verse 2) ten times a hundred times a hundred times a hundred knocks
ran a couple hundred blocks had a couple hundred crops
undercovers run in spot, we be out the backdoor task force chasing trying to shake em on the backroad
back forth turning up the lead volt, halves wholes turn another batch gold
ask for us guaranteed we match quotes
ha couple onions in the rav 4, military draft no, military castro
millitent a -ssh0l- villian with a mask on f-ck em wit a pad on and get becky
ya’ll n-ggas joey gladstone please correct me i politically have p-ssed on
indirectly 550 for the last zone trying to stretch him
make it flip like you doing gymnastics if you trying to get money don’t put it in plastic
ha, got mollies and acid,xane by the bar, codeine by the tablet

(chorus 2) repeats