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360 – chosen one lyrics


yeah, yeah, we go to pyramid
uh, we go to pyramid

the chosen one stealin’ ya seat, now the show’s begun
i’m known to run and feel the beat before i’m overcome
i drown my thoughts with a method that’s unknown
the golden child captivate with effortless dumb flows
the drums slow down, you feel the pop of the kick
since forever hailed on the top of the list
selected with an impressive list of impressionists
the future chosen, elected sittin’ with presidents
never missin’ the penmanship, studyin’ a forum of groups
to discover what they afford to pursue (pursue that)
designated, voted and nominated
the only obligation is to hold a conversation with a high form
converse beliefs and never reverse your speech
forever be firm and preach, while rememberin’ the night before
this life is yours but it’s gonna a lonely one
but that’s the great thing, accept it as the chosen one (chosen one)

ah, yeah
uh, now i’m the chosen one
ah, yeah
and now the road’s begun