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360 – clique (freestyle) lyrics


what of the dollar you murder for
what of the dollar you murder for
is that the one fighting for your soul?
or your brother’s the one that you’re running from body
from come on and f-ck it, cause i want some

n-gg-s ain’t f-cking with my clicks, it consists of some bloods and some creeps
when they hanging out with me, they banging for a money clip
rest in peace to those we’ve missed, pour some liqs then take a sip
you know the code don’t never slip, specially over a b-tch
only time you see me trip, when you see my louie luggage s
say what up 6, oh

when you see me out in public, i be up
why you copping, worried sick
who she f-cking 90 days, you getting nothing man i’m smashing
in a … slowly road, all that drugging got you mugging
mean mugging that means of a contusion
with the matches of the crotches, break a leg good luck
you gonna need it f-cking with my crew
take the bullsh-t you were custom too
you can write a book of what i’ve been through
had a few snakes but i cut them loose
my clique tight like bringing snoop
m improve, slaves and news, me and you, is changing truths
what you demons real, i will never give a view
see that sh-t like skip click, n-gg-s ain’t f-cking with my click

see these chicks that we with, see what they
and these rollies on our wrist, they don’t fake, they legit
see these rappers got me p-ssed, fronting like they flipping bricks
well they do, then the booth, it’s not true, it’s all a myth
they don’t exist, don’t attempt to touch the block
if your intention’s just to snitch
first second, you cannot, there’s a roof that need a fix
matter fact, go skip a rock, after the click you hear the pow
will touch your rib, will make you hot, n-gg- stop
my whole life i done grew up hard knock
you would think my whole life i was signed to the rock
i got my yay up, then on the jays rush, i … read up ,
the game cold, so i froze up
rapping now, click the internet, explorer b-tch we sh-tting on these things
that’s my seniorita aura red, bottom sporter, she got everything in order, morer
ace of spades off it, get it on camcorder
leave these hating b-tches blue like water down in florida
someone was karol’s daughter, she followed suit like daddy told her
your money shorter, we got more bucks than the wolf longer
retainers on them lawyer stronger, there’s a f-cking slaughter…
some got put in comas, karmas, between them dollars
come up, baby mamas, slash, easy v-g-n-s
gotta keep your click tight, watch out for piranhas
question, would you take the stand and lie to your honor
for your man in touch land over obama
or your ship from the colorado, cause your ego with dollars
my click tight like dolce and gabana designers
and hood america, is where you can find us
from new york to b more, to the bank, to la,
to the vegas strip, n-gg- you ain’t f-cking with my click.