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360 – don’t worry about how it looks lyrics


[intro: 360]
word life yo, huh
i’ve fin’ and done bin’, doin’ that sh-t
homies, word, hahaha
yeah, yeah

[verse 1: 360]
talk about most media, “i hate it”
they should report the news and not create it
everyday obsessing with anybody that’s famous
and make up there own little stories and go and claim it
australia needs for damien leith
to save all his money made and go and straighten his t–th
“i’ll fight you for it”
and last week i went to lay on the beach
and saw this hottie getting burnt, so i gave her some cream
“there you go” i went to dinner with this elegant chick
made my mission to yell and tell her what arrogance is
made her shout me a feed and embarr-ss the b-tch
dropped a fart and then screamed “your f-cking manners are sh-t!”
“i beg your pardon!” yeah, you bet i farted
buy me a drink, i’m planning to get r-t-rded
anyways i’m off, you better not get me started
but you better check the present i left in your parent’s garden

[hook: joelistics & (360)]
ain’t trying to get ???
anything that you tell me to do
you and me got something good
don’t worry about how it looks
it ain’t like we’re new to this
slow down, let me give you a kiss
baby come, gonna take my time
lay back and let your body recline

[verse 2: 360]
yeah, dudes with no t–th are like, free sixchty
if i got kidnapped they’d say, free 60
i brush my t–th with colgate, 360
i only play the xbox, 360
yeah that’s right, bill gates did a guest spot
but i’m sueing him for not putting me in the press shots
i’ll change my rap name to thingymabob
so it sounds weird when anybody’s givin’ me props
(hey, thingymabob’s dope) yeah this kid is a fox
i’m so good i mack girls while i’m flipping em’ off
only big in australia, like erin mcnaught is
nah, i’m f-cking universal banging jennifer hawkins
and cats say that i’ll never make it platinum
so i’ll buy my sh-t enough times to make it happen
the aussie scene will probably hate my rappin’
cause really i’m a pommy, i just fake my accent


[interlude: 360]
yeah, hey joel
do you reckon you could just
let the beat play for a little bit man
i’m gonna whip out my yazz flute and show
ron burgundy how to do it
hey check this out, ready?

[verse 3: 360]
you all envy me, i’m rap’s mcg
cos that’s where i like to walk my pet tv, “good boy”
i gotta say this is the best cd “? v-g-n- p-ssy”
i’m the mvp, i’ll be chillin’ at the barber shop
trying to have a threesome with tara moss and
lara croft, “womb raider”
i’m gonna tell you why i’m hard to stop
you know why?, its cos my motherf-ckin’ cars a dog
and he’s silent looking for a parking spot
that’s the only time you’ll ever hear his barking stop “silence”
i’m at the vet clinic, tryin’ to book my next visit
for my pet midget,for havin’ s-x with it
chillin with black panthers, coppin lap dances
“get the f-ck out b-tch, you don’t meet my fat standards!”
i’m a p-ssionate rapper i’m matt candid
in every interview i do, i only rap answers

[outro: 360]
so 360, where did you grow up?
hey yo melbourne
ok and ah how long have you been rapping for?
yeah, yo, about 14 years
hahaha yeeeees
ask your mother cos she knows it
she’s seen it, she’s done it
she’s lived it and she’s loved it
that’s how it goes b-tch, 360
recognise, identify or step aside
motherf-cker, ok