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360 – foul child lyrics


turntable jediz
uncut recordings
word up, the motherf-ckin’ foul child in this b-tch

“i got the wild style‚ always been a foul child”

[verse 1]
you get burned if you talk mate‚ i’m servin’ you born fakes
the serial k!ller like i was murderin’ cornflakes
you b-tch f-ggots don’t believe this sh-t
i’ll leave you seethin’ and even stop you from breathin’ b-tch
i need to spit‚ see me defeating your scripts
such a nutter, i’m leavin’ with the evilest kids
and you’re feeble as p-ss, if you people are dissin’
i’ll have you curled up in the corner in the foetal position
a foul child with the like of my sk!ll
i stole martyr ryan’s id for my license to k!ll
you get your lungs crushed by my nunchucks
and i ain’t of jewish faith so you know that i’m uncut
me and the boys got our own fight club
we hardcore like dartboards in [?] pubs
the newest member‚ i’m a cat that’s real
f-ck a stage, grab your shield and i’ll meet you in the battlefield

“i got the wild style, always been a foul child”

[verse 2]
i sleaze on the mic with the hugest knife b-tch
you’ll need to survive [?] pipes like scuba divers
the sh-t i do‚ i never regret
i prank called the government with fake terrorist threats
i’ve got a fan base all over the landscape
i’m not your friends, i don’t step to me with a handshake
you’re needin’ band-aids from my rampage
i’ll melt your body and i’ll cook your skin for a pancake
writing in the dark ’cause i’m raw, see
this is the type of sh-t to spark a f-ckin’ world war three

“i got the wild style, always been a foul child”