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360 – fuck you lyrics


f-ck you, you, you, you
f-ck you, you, you, you
f-ck you, you, you, you
f-ck you, you, you, you

oh really, that’s how i’m feeling
cause they wanna let me in the building
evacuate all women and children
this is a man’s world, you act like a d-mn girl!
pull your skirt down, are you afraid to turn now
one thing … i got you quick running in church now
praying to the lord, acting for rewards
instead of trying to work.. what you’re praying for?

two middle fingers up for your lack of ambition
had you hating on the n-gg- that made the transition from
grand picture sweating in the d-mn kitchen
release all this mission, not a chance to..
making power moves while you still stunt seeing cash
influence will make your fickle -ss change religion!
f-ck you, it could mean a cold sign to listen
f-ck you twice if you ain’t got your own opinion!
f-ck you, no gold habit, nice pocket
so i’m rapping fake rapping, trash bag, count the nickle!
only follow… wish to walk up in my shoes
been wagging, kinda muse, hold up, p-ss me some liquor!
the biggest f-ck you, to my main baby momma
just cause he don’t love a sh-t, i’ve been make him suffer
f-ck you to that new man, that n-gg- is a sucker
that a d-mn worthy.. or his neck under my choker
f-ck you, til your lil sp-ce…
supporting garbage -ss music, make rap as…
what a f-ck they write, what they say behind the mike
i follow my mom advice, they’ll say sh-t if it ain’t nice
f-ck you till the system brain washes as the light
everything that’s in the club, like the club is only life
you’re a god d-mn fool, thinking i’m gonna lose
must be the molly poly killing on your molecules.

two middle fingers up for your lack of intervention
you see… celebrating like you made it!
meanwhile i live and create it, no fabrication
exactly what it is, exactly how…
plus flipping me the burbon he ain’t saying f-ck you
f-ck you if you’re thinking i’m supposed to trust you!
same bishop, same jews
man, a n-gg- kept his man like pooh
see, that’s proof! n-gg-s only lose their roof
f-ck you to them hoes that want you
louis on your buckle, they don’t really love you!
f-ck you! to the cops that always wanna cuff you
like tom is their uncle
h-llo to the good times, goodbye to the struggle!
f-ck you, cause you don’t let me f-ck you
now my money double, you’re throwing me that bubble!
hitting me on dms, i’m looking at your puzzled
when you say you can f-ck me, you’re getting one for bottle
f-ck you, b-tch!