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360 – humphrey bogart lyrics


[intro: pez]
antiheroes, check it

[verse 1: lee scott]
i may talk like my brain’s warped
but i could step at any session and end it with a [?]
this ain’t no game, sport, and if it is
we’re not playin’ on the same court, i said with no heart
i could make war with bogart so don’t start
ho, i stay sp-ced, when your show starts
i throw darts at your game face, yo
my mind’s a plain waste, i’m too hungry to say grace
keep your prayers for p-ssion meals, i eat scr-ps
beneath the stairs in a cheap flat in castlefields
don’t even speak back, i plan to steal
everything, from your tracky to the medicine in this baggie
har-ss me, now the cyanide in your brandy
you call me a b-st-rd and i reply with “exactly”
the formula of a nasty accident
awaitin’ to happen and i’m laughin’, embracin’ it
the look on my f-ckin’ face is sick, whatever’s comin’
i’m awaitin’ it, no pressure’s runnin’ through my brain and sh-t
i mainly sit and chill, spittin’ ill rhymes
bars upon bars about how ill his rhymes are
and i charge for ‘em now, for each verse i want a car and a house
and i ain’t sold sh-t, antiheroes
broke kids with platinum egos
i roll thick when alone, stoned with a whole clip in [?]

[verse 2: salar]
when i die i hope you go to h-ll and get rejected
get thrown in an aids infected, waste collected, place scented
with blood, get your face cemented, then crushed and ended
with a hammer till it’s asymmetric
how’s that for a crazy head trip? it’s hectic
six million ways to die, to you i hope they’re all implemented
six million states of mind all interconnected
in my brain, all mixed and causin’ stresses
and the result is this raw war message
you’ll all get hit or develop a gore fetish
meant to be physically tested
given crude oil, i’m forced to neck it, nuttin’ more expected
yo, check it, the flow is perfected
every punchline [?] is deflected, directed
straight back at the source’s first exit
it’s like a slap to the jaw, i stay quiet
till heads start feelin’ c-cky and begin askin’ for war
so stop frontin’ ’cause we sense the pre-tense
you ain’t bad, you was probably one of the prefects
what happened? you used to be on it, you reject
do you smoke too much green? (yes) you losin’ sight
[?] dream, six points, you still ain’t writin’ the theme
now, i ain’t tryna impress (uh)
just because my mother knows a little something like i am the best

[verse 3: 360]
yeah, and when i write, i put the knife in your pegs
my rhyme book’s a tattoo ’cause it’s inscribed in your chest
f-ck ’60, i’ll change my name to kylie or jess
because i roll around melbourne on a bike in a dress
the definition of a sellout, livin’ life for the cheques
i’ll only write rhymes till i’m rich and drivin’ a lex’
i’m crazy, i’ll drive it up and down the side of a fence
while wearin’ diamonds with pez and wavin’ hi to my friends (hi!)

[verse 4: pez]
and i’m the kind to always lie in my bed
throwin’ slices of bread, cryin’ and say “why aren’t i fed?”
and i’m nice despite live there’s only mics in my set
my dj said “bye” and he left because i’d fight with his decks
yep, i find that life is why inside, i’m upset
i’m excited by death, for me suicide is like s-x
but it’s kind of a mess, i’m tryna find a new quest
i’m only rappin’ this because it felt like time to confess

[verse 5: 360]
hey, you got no idea what’s goin’ on inside of my head
nah, nah, really, i mean what’s on inside of my dreads
with all types of insects who always try to infest
and different spiders in webs, they’re all combined at the legs
i’ve been an alcoholic since the first time i was blessed
baptised by a keg, buy a pint of piney or beck’s
and mum didn’t help, because inside of her chest
she didn’t have milk, i was drinking wine from her br–sts

[verse 6: pez & 360]
was it a white or a red? hold on, i’ll slice ’em and check
oi mum, come and meet me now outside on the steps!
“why?” ’cause i said! “have you had your vitamins?” yes!
shut the f-ck up ’60 before i bite off your leg
and you’re only left with your right ’cause your other side is a peg
and you have to hobble your -rs- around, look like a pirate with dreads (f-ck off aids)
what? i haven’t got aids, i made ’em lie on the test
now, i can live in denial with hepat-tis instead (yes)

[verse 7: pez]
it sounds good but i’m still kind of depressed
it’s combined from the test and tryna win the t-tle in chess
and i’m stressed, lookin’ like i’m frankenstein in a vest
gotta try to get dressed with this f-ckin’ pipe in my neck
uh, think you can k!ll me, take my life in a sec?
well, you’re wrong, i’m too good, i won’t even die when i’m dead
my rhymes are the best, look, see my mind in effect
nah, really you can, i’m missin’ the eyes in my head
i’m fine now but there was nine straight nights where i bled
but i guess that’s what you get for havin’ lions as pets
were they tigers? i forget (ha ha)