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360 – hustlemania lyrics


in this corner we have brick layers
and in this corner we equally black dark hustlers.
this gonna be one h-ll of a bath, folks!
are you ready?
let’s get ready to hustle!

‘upon the deeds that are on the table
i was with it till it’s hard, guarantee to leave and fade you
three and baby, we don’t rock him in the cradle
we get him like hot potatoes and move him like’
these jake the snakes could do their little stand
they might rate the’ but they won’t find a thing.
maybe some shame’ if they’re lucky
they better watch the maintenance, cause these’ is not a problem, no!
meanwhile i’m getting service from naomi
that’s my young’ homie done me, wish you know me?
‘ we get a long way
i said the whole train is popping if you’re shopping in the cell.
i said no, you hit me! you know how we roll!
we’re wearing that coco’ up his nose
24/7 guarantee to be opened
got a couple molly’ for me
see, me and the street thing, kinda tight
keep the trip, i’m being like triple eight
i’m close to that china white.
my spot ‘ you get what you pay for
make the things’ i smack down the straight role.
‘we escape, lord
tipping from the big boss
man, f-ck the cops, turn the cane into the rock!
i’m heavy on the block, yeah!
i got the streets talking
crushing so called legends
i’m the whole.’

when it all comes down to you
we’re real, man!
is the only thing!
he ran off from my money, now i got a froze soul
my 3-16s ain’t the only thing i stone cold, noup
apparently he like that smart
he owning me, he ain’t got that heart!
get the sharp shooters!
shipping fish scale, i got that top tuna
my opium connects from j-pan, ‘ hold on!
i know i got the x to make them go nuts
my men started tweaking like he was living, you’re nuts!

yo, i need a new plan, i’m too sain to lose grams
i need way, see if you can’t convince’ man
you got million dollar dreams, million dollar schemes
oh h-ll, fall! a million dollar seems!
don’t listen over he said, she said
the feds got a snitch, they recorded rodriguez.
‘ put a bug on his bentley
follow him to the spot, now he got it so hot!
‘ these looking on a creek
see, we call him.. and put the’
‘ they catch you and look for me
they’re only using you for bait,
you will accompany in the sea.
i’m a well in a kitty pool
don’t be ridicule!
locked up and being sloppy,
mr t pitiful! i’mma say this for all men con
don’t talk about a d-mn diamond on my d-mn mind!