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360 – jack daniels* lyrics


transcribed from snippet

[verse 1:]
straight out of the bottleshop, a f-cking hit man with one target
the worst k!ller in history, i love carnige
you know when i’m around ’cause it’s much darker
but it’s worse when i’m not ’cause it’s much harder
there’s no money to your name at all, you gotta save some more
but, every week, you still get paid or still take it all
but, how can you stop a k!ller who doesn’t break the law
my control, you can fight it, but i’ll make you poor
you’re a m-s-ch-st, no breaking jaws
you know it’s going to hurt but still you go and take some more
but, any dignity you’ve got, i’m gonna take it all
but my spirit’s only gonna end up breaking yours
i’m everywhere from the reflection of any wine gl-ss
to the echos of emptiness in a guy’s flask
destruction perfected into a fine art
justice would have me k!lled instead of sitting behind bars