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360 – lady karma lyrics


yeah, i got shit playing in the background. that’s how much i care about your life, you f-ckhead

yo, yo
shoutouts to the w.r.c. motherf-ckers
yeah, yeah, yeah, one two, one two
it’s like that, one two, one two, it’s like that (yeah, yo)
this is lady karma, this is lady karma
uh, lady karma, uh
yeah, 360, forthwrite, b-tch

hey yo, i know lady karma, yo, she’s ready for war
ready to wreck your world with no effort at all
now let me talk to the fellas who attempted to score (score)
you’ll try to go out to find the sexiest wh-r-
who will stay up all night having sex on her floor
two weeks later find out she had genital warts ([?])
no protection because nothing’s better than raw
even got you questionin’ what you need testicles for
then your number reaches seventy-four
then you gettin’ a call from sayin’ that she’s pregnant, of course
it all works out since you’ve spreading the warts
it builds up, lady karma had to settle the score
it’s like that

step up or fight back
(lady karma, uh) yeah
shoutouts to anecdote (yeah, lady karma, uh)
shouts to prime and purpose, whattup b-tches (lady karma, uh)