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360 – power lyrics


[intro: illy]
yeah, illy illy, uncle 6 dog
stand the f-ck up, c-nts

[verse 1: illy]
and i hear motherf-ckers dissing me, tryna bait me or battle me
berate me to rattle me, it’s pitiful
already gave a few k to charity, so i ain’t giving any leg ups
to any f-ckheads calling me f-ggot switch up your strategy
like “shoosh c-nt”, it’s hard to keep it p-ssive every day
when you’re incessantly attacked for every action that you take
every statement, every track, though i brag you can’t escape
the fact, my arrogance is purely my reaction to the hate
’cause i would never step on people’s toes
for real, i think it’s honestly ’cause n-body expected me to blow up, but
in 30 months i’ve gone from practically unknown
to practically the biggest f-cking name without a plaque to show
but some don’t matter what i give it, i could wrap it up and gift it
they’d skip it and say whoever on the track with me ripped it
same way they say my alb-m missed and actually think
someone who’s only heard hit singles has a valid opinion, nah
i hate feeling like i need to justify this, like
because i’m doing must be writing just so f-ckers buy it
what a cop out, haters brush aside my sacrifices
tall poppies in a sea of ply punching pirates
came up in the scene, paved my route
from seventeen i been giggin’, thought i paid my dues
only took a few rave reviews, a triple j play or two
for all the knives to aim at guess who, f-ck am i to do?
i don’t beg no one for help for sh-t that i can fix
and i don’t blame n-body else for sitches that i find i’m in
ain’t never withheld admiration for the pioneers or kings
so why the f-ck would i begin to, i just do my thing
all haters got for their venom is jealous talks
f-ck a twenty for their disc, ain’t got a penny for their thoughts
when i’m questioned with hate my only answer is love
forward slash illyal, tell ’em stand the f-ck up, right

[verse 2: 360]
ayo, my plan is unstuck
and when they question who the best is, yo, the answer comes up
with 360, check the madness uncut
yo, i said please be seated but stand the f-ck up, yeah
i was smart to give a taste in what i’m gonna do
so sit and watch and see lotta dudes follow suit
i understand if it’s not for you, true
but i wrote it for myself and it’s exactly what i wanted to
i got a name from the battle scene, battle scene
i got featured in some magazines, magazines
just another kid who had a dream, but see
i’m knowin’ where i came from, i’ma never stop battling
shut the f-ck up haters
yo, i can’t battle someone nameless just to make another dumb c-nt famous
i’m living in the twilight zone
where we treatin’ every battle like it’s fight night though
and i’m winnin’, i will never let the limelight go
but yo, i seen a lot of styles, gotta find my own
but conform to what you want, i’d rather slice my throat
and when it comes to business, i mind my own
see it’s not quite underground, not quite pop
and it’s not quite indie and it’s not quite rock, no
i never listen, doin’ [?]
and keepin’ everybody happy, yo it’s not my job, no
so you can have fans that like it
then they turn their back on you the second that the m-sses find it
but not knowin’ that you made a lotta sacrifices
but when the haters get you down, let ’em go, you don’t have to fight it
uh, i’m a believer in good music
if i like the beat, f-ck the politics, i should use it
yeah, them times were raw
but it’s 2011 and these motherf-ckers rappin’ like it’s ’94
you can never go dispute my f-ckin’ p-ssion for it
i enjoy making songs that have a catchy chorus
never lackin’ in my raps at all, plus
i am always energetic, never see me give a flat performance

[outro: 360]
that’s power, b-tch!