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360 – rockstar (remix) lyrics


this a verse i wrote about everything that’s been goin’ on since the album dropped

a heads up, yo, my arm’s gonna bleed
’cause i’m about to wear my arm on my sleeve
i know that i’m a bit big but i’m ’bout to get a bit bigger
my biggie poster got me looking at the big picture (d-mn)
so all i’m thinking ’bout is number one
i’ve done it once now i’m lucky that we doubled up
it’s just begun, if the media ain’t feeding us
it’s up to us to make it, stop twiddling our f-ckin’ thumbs
so suck it up, it ain’t doing it with bubblegum
it’s beast mode, every day i’m workin’, it becomin’ one
i never wasn’t one, i just became another one
the hunger that i’m feelin’ has me feelin’ like i just begun
motherf-cker, enough’s enough
if they ain’t with us then f-ck ’em all, it’s up to us
get them hits up and i ain’t talkin’ uppercuts
they’ll never see it comin’ like a motherf-ckin’ sucker punch
yo, i’m proud we topped the aria charts
we need to keep the ball rollin’ though, it’s hardly a start
otherwise, it’s like drive and bein’ first in the race
comin’ out of the gates and suddenly parkin’ the car
yo, i’m tryna be the next king, a best livin’
but all i can hear is [?] anne smith or ed sheeran
it’s got me questionin’, but yo, i’m ropable
i can’t make a post without ’em sayin’ “he’s got meth in him”
i f-ckin’ hate they think i’m still usin’
i know they fishin’ for replies but i still do it
and yo, it’s not right, they thinkin’ it’s okay
’cause i’m in the spotlight but, for f-ck’s sake, i’m still human
yes, i was livin’ in double life
the other side, i kept it under raps, it’s been mummified
it’s got me half-wishing that it was never publicised
i’m not a public guy, i struggle in the public eye
i know i’m trouble, i’ve said the sh-t a dozen times
half of me is strugglin’, the other half is lovin’ life
even though it’s tough at times, i’m a lucky guy
to summarise yo, i’m thankful that i’m just alive
as far as att-tudes, i get it from my mother’s side
and my father was the who told me how to f-ckin’ cry
to tell the truth yo, it’s f-ckin time
i don’t mean to undermine but, when it comes to levels, you are under mine

pez and i
have got the vintage modern tour comin’ up in march
there’s a bunch of tickets left
so, if your city hasn’t sold out, go to moshtix right now
and you can get a ticket
it’s gonna be f-ckin’ mental bruz
gonna be f-ckin’ crazy, f-ckin’ spice