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360 – subtle way of suicide lyrics


[verse 1
uh, i’ve spent a lot of time working over the past years
turning sober, bourbon over the last beer
intoxicated, contemplating in conversation
lose my feet, chopping, changing my occupation
not today though, too many hours choking hard
i finished work at five and head straight to the local bar
with open arms while i’m talking to the mates i see
they ain’t my real friends but they suffer the same as me
we just drown our sorrows as we waste our green
pretend we’re having fun but really yo it’s make belief
it makes me see as i drink to myself
i’ll buy you drinks cause i’d rather that than drink by myself
and i had a dream too
i wanted my p-ssion
but through lack of support i chose a job that’s relaxin’
and i regret it now, why not follow my dreams for?
i’m another robot but yo i should have been more

it’s just the subtle way of suicide (suicide)
life ain’t worth livin inside this blurred vision
it’s just the subtle way of suicide (suicide)
i’m drinking away while sitting in pain
it’s just the subtle way of suicide (suicide)
yeah, i should have been more and work for my dreams more
it’s just the subtle way of suicide (suicide)
yo it’s the only way out, uh

[verse 2]
yo, i remember bein’ raised on what real life is
i’ve got a wife, kids, a job and still feel like sh-t
yeah i’ve got a job, but i want more cause who wants
responsibilities for sh-t you don’t have love for
and even though i chop and change every job’s the same
i’m gonna try to raise my kids the way i wasn’t raised
and yeah i know i’ve got a great son
but if i haven’t had a happy life then how can i create one?
and in their teens not be ashamed to say they love their dad
and not think of their childhood as something bad
and understand why i’m not something great
it’s cause i work in a job for years that i f-ckin’ hate
i could have been something, had the crazy sk!lls
now all i work for is drinking it to pay the bills
and for my son if you follow your dreams but die
don’t worry it’s the best thing at least you tried
and it’s the subtle way of suicide