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360 (us) – hustlemania lyrics


[verse 1]

power bomb the diesel on the table
irish whip it til its hard guaranteed to leave em fatal
3 and a baby we don’t rock em in a cradle
we get em like hot potatoes and move em like winnebagos
these jake the snakes could do they little sting
they might raid the crib but they won’t find a thing
maybe some shamrocks if they lucky
they better watch them ankles cuz this pits not a puppy
meanwhile i’m getting service from naomi
that’s my young tenderoni only dome me when she lonely
her godfather know me we get along well
he said the ho train is poppin if you shoppin hit the cell
i said no you hit me you know how we roll
beware that koko al snow all up his nose
24/7 guaranteed to be open
got a couple molly holly’s that will have seth rollin
see- me and that street thing kinda tight
quick to triple beam like triple h i’m close to that china white
my spot is good credit you get what you pay for
make the fiends tap out my smackdown is straight raw
rush! we escape law dippin from the big boss man
f-ck the cops turn the kane into the rock
i’m heavy on the block got the streets talkin
crushing so called legends i’m the hood randy orton

[verse 2]

he ran off with my money now i got a froze soul
my 3:16’s ain’t the only thing that’s stone cold
apparently he not that smart
he owing me he ain’t got that heart get the sharpshooters
shipping fish scale i got that top tuna
my opium connect from j-pan that yokozuna hold up!
i know i got dx/the ex that make him go nuts
my man started tweakin like he was sniffing golddust
yo i need a new plan i’m through selling loose grams
i need weight see if you can convince mcmahon
you got million dollar dreams million dollar schemes
oh how far a million dollars seems
don’t listen to what he said she said
the feds got a snitch named ricardo rodriguez
they marked henry put a bug on his bentley
followed him to the spot now he got us all hot
be easy on harlem streets d’s lurking on the creep
see we call them harlem heat they bookin steve the bookin t
can’t have them sn-tch you up they catch you they look for me
they using you for bait you a guppy in the sea
i’m a whale in a kiddie pool won’t be ridiculed
locked up for being sloppy mr. t pitty fools
ima say this for all mankind don’t talk about a d-mn dime on my d-mn line