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360 (us) – talk to ’em lyrics


majik, i’m laughing at these n-ggas, too
cause i’m getting green, these n-ggas turning blue
catch your b-tch on the ad-libs, n-gga
n-ggas to the bar

[verse 1]
i make money like i make this music
my bottom b-tch resembles stacey dash as left from clueless
got other hoes drooling
bring em together like they carpooling
give you some scriptures to my flow
it’s like the drugs of music
i keep my fans under influence
of a dope n-gga
i spit crack and sold c0ke, i’m a dope dealer
i been realer since riding a big wheeler
flow hot as a chinchilla but cold as brazil winters
you n-ggas ain’t even dinner, more like a beginner
a appetizer, eat em, save em for later, wrap these guys up
leave a big tip, tell em like this:
my d-ck only has room for a b-tch to exist on it
so dog, you can hop off
try to convince these other nerd n-ggas that you not soft
fronting like a top boss
putting bread and vodka in the microwave
is about the only way you’ll pop off
i’m me, and you’re a me knockoff
now go and get your girl to blow my socks off
i’ll wait

slow down six, you’re k!lling em
slow down six, you’re k!lling em

[verse 2]
sh-t about to get crazy like lady gaga mixed with waka flocka
and the dr. kevorkian sticking forks in em
snitching to the fans, yeah i think he got some pork in him
when it comes to that, i’m a muslim — i don’t talk to them
catch me with that white girl, though
every saint gotta sin
so n-gga, give me a brick, i’m going in like lin
lift you up like light wind on marilyn
monroe’s white dress when she was standing over vents
you rappers is kinda tense, got me feeling like a threat
talking sh-t all on the net
but when you see me, it’s, “respect”
f-ck up outta here, sacrificed a lot of years
blood, sweat, a lot of tears
studied all the pioneers
the nases, the jiggas, the biggies and the pacs
the local rapper on your block wondering when i’mma stop
never; yeah, i hear your raps, you kinda hot, i’m better
we could place a wager, man, i got whatever
what you wanna do?
i should open up a school
teach you what not to do
here’s the rules, let me drop some jewels
one: don’t be trying to sound like other n-ggas
two: how you bitter, but you follow me on twitter?
okay, three: don’t be out here trying to give out no advice
when you ain’t quite as nice and your sh-t ain’t going right
i’m winning cause i don’t make excuses
excuses is useless
if i f-ck up, then so be it and i keep it moving
at least i failed on my own
you n-ggas so scared to fail, your music never left your home
don’t be trying to take me out my zone
my boys’ll break your bones for a fresh pair of foams, holmes

(hold up, these n-ggas trying to give you advice
and none of these n-ggas is nicer than you)

always a n-gga in your ear, trying to steer your career
but it’s weird, yeah, they ain’t got the drive to steer theirs
we’re harder now; when you was back reclining, i was grinding out
shining like a diamond and you’re not around
but i know you see it, though
it’s gon be some sh-t when you at the light in your vehicle
when look to your left and look to your right
and see some b-tches bumping my hits, enjoying they night, right?

yeah, that’s gonna be the day
don’t try to be friends with me now, n-gga
tell you like jay-z, “c-cksucker, beat it”