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360 (us) – when i’m gone lyrics


police might just pull this ride
find them keys up inside
give a n-gga 55
yeah, any second my clock could stop
get hit with a couple shots
will they miss me like i’m pac?
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
will they miss me when i’m gone?
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
will they miss me when i’m gone?
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
will they miss me when i’m gone?
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
will they miss me when i’m gone?

[verse 1]
the glam, the glitz
[?] first bit on the wheel of the whip
bad b-tch tryna buy a big trip
gotta take that risk, wanna live like this
you talk, we walk, flipping bricks, i serve the js
when you’re caught or you miss
that’s just one less n-gga that’s in the way
if i should die before i wake
i pray the lord my soul to take
exposing fake, it’s in my will
don’t let these n-ggas take my place
[?] lock my ride or die
gonna ride it out for the [?] safe
so i’m sure that i’m secure
when i come home that i’m f-cking straight
i’m bucking, wait
life is but a dream, so it seems
feel more like a nightmare, when the judge giving out them lightyears
it’s not light years like [?]
i’m talking long time, won’t see your kids
sell clothes, no [?]
that elbow, you like h-ll no
haters be like h-ll yeah
pop bottles and [?] chairs
finally that dude’s out of here
now i can pop off my career
imma miss making birdies backflip
imma miss putting money in the pantries
haters, it’s ok to miss me
just miss me with that rap sh-t


[verse 2]
when that money up, she kiss me
when that money go, she diss me
when that money back, she miss me
this is just repeated history
i remind my b-tch she love me
just stay loyal and respect me
it’s a staples easy, but it’ll make me go back how you met me
me and my n-ggas do our thing
we know how to play our cards
in the club popping spades
shining diamonds, with no hearts
like these fake -ss rappers
they in corners, breaking sweats
[?] is sending threats
my aim the best, i be like next
if you bang four fifth, better hope you miss
imma go down the list, from your bro to your sis
from your mom to the fish
whole fam getting hit
realize it’s life, it never turns out how you plan it
then realize it’s life, so you shouldn’t take it for granted
i know, any second i could get caught slipping
could be eating with my girl in an out of town visoin
while i’m looking at the name, bout to order me some chicken
mad cause the one he loving is the one i put my d-ck in
some punk from way back
still tryna get some payback
[?] the streets bout my sh-t
and he don’t get no playback, no!