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360zay – be me lyrics


waking up, wondering what i’m gonna do
sinful things coming to mind, i hate that sh-t
that type of sh-t that make you wanna end it all
all that sh-t i use to put up with, yeah i hate that sh-t
just a memory away from hurt and pain
the lies told, everything in vein
imma stay in my lane, and try to fight the pain
all the people that doubted, they gone be in pain
to see a young black wealthy n-gga in the game
ten toes down coming right in the game
lames coming from each and every way in they lane
i’m prospering, i’m moving and they hate that sh-t
n-gga you wasn’t around when i was suffering
n-gga you wasn’t around when i was starving
but now you all up in my face back the f-ck up
i ain’t your bro n-gga, i’m that p-ssy that you called me back in middle school
raking up millions everything i’m featured on
just bagged some bl–dy shoes i’m on my cardi sh-t
that type of sh-t that make a n-gga wanna k!ll you
everything you cop i been had , you a wanna be
you wanna be me so bad n-gga you done researched me
i feel attached to this sh-t like i own it
its like a curse that never will be broken
constant fear and failure got me overly drained
tears coming out like a draining faucet
coming out is lies, and tears, doubt, and envy, pain and hurt
got me over the edge im on the breaking point
isolating my self from each and everyone
everyone and everything got me upset
im sick of this sh-t i want it to leave
pack your sh-t and get the f-ck out my life because i’m sick of it and i’m over it