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38 boys – rhythm of the night lyrics


jay piatt verse one
its the rhythm of the life and the life is my heart beat/
going dead or alive with more straps then a c-rs-at/
make my b-tch eat p-ssy so she know you p-ssies all sweet/
and if your p-ssies got beef i’ll turn your -ss into lunch meat/
yeah you know its me, j to the piatt/
free stizzle, free the souls of those who are not free/
cus the world can not see the/
h-ll thats causing me but/
now i got the world on lock and in my hand i have the key/
im trying to get this paper, yeah im trying to get this green/
and if money was a drug consider me a phen/
put your tooly in the air if you feelin me/
cause its hustle or get hustled man, the streets is k!lling me/
this one is fo stizzle this is for my 38’s/
we some h-ll raisers, meet us at h-lls gates/
step up in my crib and tell me how wealth taste/
its the rhythm of the life and everyday a paper chase/

“whats goodie doe what it do my dude” repeat
“its the rhythm of the night oh yeah” repeat

bee vanish verse 2
i declare my independence but im still like “we the people”/
im here to preach a message, i use these stages as my steeple/
haters hide from me cause they so easy to bee see thru/
they wrong like the government for making weed illegal/
its just so precious how the weed got me like smeagol/
i bee wear my nest bee higher then an eagle/
you can’t control the streets, n-gga you ain’t no traffic light/
and we know your b-tch -ss runnin when your crew hafta fight/
im true to what i write and i do just what i like/
im so loyal to my crew nun of my dudes have gotta fight/
i dont mind cus you dont matter
and those who matter just dont mind/
you can try to look it up but my rhymes are undefined/
dont be mad that i smoke, just be mad that you broke/
cus the cigarettes you bought will make you croak before this dro/
ohhhio (ohio) its nice clothes and tight flows/
were a foster kid came up from a raisin in a rice bowl/