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38 hot tha don – boy he’s fresh lyrics


yea 38 hot i’ll city i’ll city in this b-tch with me clarksville stand up n-gg- the 16 year old phenomenal 38 hot killin these beats n-gg- lehgo

ok i kill this sh-t like a mu’f-cka
4 stacks from my tracks like a mu’f-cka (f-cka)
i’ll city’s on something cold
my bank account fat, your wallet got lypo
big bank (check) i’m lysol (fresh)
clarksville on my back it ain’t nothing
boy we stunting, b-ss beating down your street
if a n-gg- got a problem he can tell me where to meet
(they like boy he’s fresh) [x4]

my swagger on stupid, truth is
i be in your girls mouth more then her tooth is true sh-t
my flow convertible swag ruthless
she give me hot head call fever or flu sh-t
the blunts a keeper i’m tryna blaze the reefer
i’m higher then heaven, oh jesus believe us
you can’t see us, you got stevie wonder vision
if i say then i meant it now they mad because i live it
my swag is deedee i wreck the lab
which have all rappers stressing, they got it bad
it don’t add up n-gg- i did the math
rap ain’t your route you should take another just saying
(haha) you should quit for your fan sake
king size kit kat i deserve a big break
you ain’t know.check the b-tches that i’m pulling
four n-gg-s riding your b-tch see car pooling
i’m stunting on’em (stuntin on’em) i know they mad (know they mad)
i got a stash of my cash tuck in my louie bag (louie bad)
magic johnson flow i’m more then i’ll (more then i’ll)
i murder tracks (i murder tracks) i’m lyri-kill (lyri-kill)
my mind steady as can be tryna make this gwap (gwap)
i leave these rappers hanging like they’re at a chill out spot
you got an air dry flow n-gg- hang it up
and if they got a problem with it n-gg- bang’em up
i’m addicted (addicted) to b-tt naked women (women)
the car sea-blue leave me feeling like i’m swimming
i run the game (i run the game) until i feel sore
put a d-ck in your leg and f-ck what you stand for (haha)
i’m tryna chill like i’m sitting in an igloo
leave these b-tches tripping like where you tryna travel too
coming at me suicide n-gg- why try
i got a good connection weed wifi
d-mn b-tch i’m just tryna get paid
this chick easy (easy), nwa
i admit like an haircut my buzz faded (so)
they say that i’m the best but that’s still underrating
uh i’m staying higher then a tube sock (duh)
these n-gg-s broke they need to find a toolbox (toolbox)
i’m talking with my money (money) you’ll need a translation
and if your not fan this will have your blades circulating
swisher sweets, black&mild, and an once of weed
my musics dope sniff it up till your nose bleeds
2 seater foreign car i’d love to take it out
like i’m leaving a hotel check me out