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38 hot tha don – monay (remake) lyrics



money comes fast like it’s bout to get a ticket
bank account known to have more then ten digits
money stand tall your bank is a midget
point me to the money and you know i’m gonna get it
(we getting money) [x4]

[verse 1:]
man i got money is that why you hating
cause my jeans full and your pocket’s belly aching
i’m in the like a running back, looking for them hoes
call my bank a trumpet cause i got money to blow
i’m the meanest but the cleanest alcohol in my system
tryna get brain ain’t talking bout wisdom
i’m killing this sh-t hope you don’t look surprised
now b-tch check it as i wreck it, d.u.i
i’m talking with my money watcha wonna disgust
bank account full jeans yelling “i done had enough”
what else can i say my mind stuck on a buck
i got green like a clover so i always got luck


[verse 2:]
i’m all about my green sh-t like them boston boys
russel for them bills my pockets obese but i keep my poise
polo on my body to the sneaks is what them franklins do
got her over 90 flip that b-tch for way over two
no tie or a business suit, still got that stupid loot
it look like money ray allen when that n-gg- shoot
stack dineros good fellow got casino chip
men of honor ride through my mind, field trips
just want pennies for my thoughts till i’m caked up
tell the pillsbury and betty to get their dough up
i hit the strip club throw 50s to the baddest b-tch
and buy some drinks for that hoe so i’m bound to hit