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38 special – hot ‘lanta lyrics


i been desert hot down in phoenix
i been smoggy hot out in l.a.
i been high & dry hot in colorado
i been charred out on the midwest plains
i been madhatter flattened by the heat in manhattan
i been muggy on the mighty miss
i been burned like a stick on route 66
but i ain’t never been this


hot’lanta, how come you do me this way
when you’re 99 in the noonday sun
and a hundred and one in the shade
hot’lanta, i think i prefer your nights
with your cosmopolitan caf? women
how they do go on and on
down in hot’lanta

in a fuselage in a crowded sky
i was trying very hard not to think
but in a paranoid vision of the worst that could happen
i asked my stewardess “just one more drink”

the cabin temperature had me in a blur
i was shaking by the time we touched down
we hit that tarmac
h-ll bent for mary mac’s
back in your sizzlin? town