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38 spesh & b.e.n.n.y. the butcher – freestyle (cocaine cowboys) lyrics


[intro: 38 spesh]
benny, i see you, n-gga
let’s go

[verse 1: 38 spesh]
yo, i could tell you all fake
y’all ain’t move hard base, run through long cake
8-ball n-ggas still moving pool hall weight
when i transport, i got to call the u-haul place
from the murder capital of new york state
gun shoot off, bullets go through y’all face
you move far, but don’t think you all safe
have them n-ggas all through y’all place
every month, i got a new court date, every month i got a new car
benz with the 2-door, new york plates
putting d-ck in a new wh0r-’s face
selling quarter bricks to five, i might give you two for eight
when the drought came, y’all was starving
i had six hoes with a brick in each broad apartment
i don’t cop cars from the auction
green sp-ceship, dark tint, call it marvin the martian
right, i was mobbing and bossing
glock for two reasons, robbing and flossing
had problems, now they’re all in the coffin
hoes give me head ‘til their jaws is exhausted
right, i’m a sl!ck type dude
with iced out, thick sl!ck rick type jewels
cl6 so your b-tch might cruise
a nice whip make a dyk- b-tch like dudes
ooh, i wish a n-gga might snooze
try it, you gon’ make tonight news
right, y’all found the right dude
my hands get dirty quicker than all white shoes
right, i look at n-ggas like food
or look at n-ggas like fools
sh-t, if i don’t sell a brick in a day, my whole night’s screwed
i sell a brick in a day, i’m in a nice mood
later on at night, i got your wife nude
and i’m putting pipe through her tubes
man i live this sh-t, it ain’t right what i do
i do it so these can write what i do

[verse 2: benny]
this sh-t won’t stop, nah, there’s too many gats
too many bricks of c0ke, way too many rats
the flow been tough, the 3-pound 7
just right, my shot will break a grown man up
i put a plan together, get away, hide up
my baby mother the getaway driver
you gon’ bleed, i’ll spit a clip
they catch me, i don’t give a sh-t, i don’t plead innocent
the kush my favorite, soda and the scale on the table
i know she ‘bout to cook my favorite
hope i don’t get took by agents
come share a cell with a n-gga with a foot [?]
the weight going cheap
i can pop the trunk to show you a bag heavier than skateboard p
it’s a horror fl!ck when the [?] cl!ck
b-tches on my d-ck [?] an enormous list
i suggest the chef make sure the raw is whipped
and the shooters gonna make sure the [?] rich
she bugging, so i tell her her [?] drive and be cool
you could give me brain like an ivy league school
she said, i got faith, i told her i believe too
so next time you have that yay, tell ‘em i’ma need two
i get them like this, it’s [?] shorty
i could turn your life to a success story
no matter how you’re saying it, it’s the mayor, b-tch
i could move the work before i’m done weighing it
shooting for the top with a 30 30
big birds on my block like bert and ernie
it might just hit me, the workers chirp me
bring them white chicks with me, laverne & shirley
money on the table and money on the way
my kush bill a hundred it a day
and it’s surely, my n-gga

[outro: benny]
what y’all wanna do?
i just thought i’ll ask
spesh, what up?
and i’m back