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38 spesh – barbarians lyrics


yeah, special ghost
we don’t get the piece of the pie, we get the pie in the piece

[verse 1]
kept it quiet, quiet is kept
i wish death on [?], yo [?] get the death
and then out in the east now out in the west
ran in different houses to eat, a couple pies a few left
yo, left a few, that’s a couple ate
now my brother knew when another [?]
no one knows, i know no one
and when my fam date up, i’ll keep them up to date
you n+ggas never sold a brick
a brick will never get sold if i don’t permit
your fifth floated, i unload a fifth
get focused, i’m what focus gets
reward within a line of hatred
haters hate rewards ’cause they [?]
they got naked [?], we’re not related
only if you’re momma’s favourite

[verse 2]
they put money before trust and you wonder
how the bond broken coms soldiers let you come in
that’s where arms open, guns smoking, hennesy sipping
till the bar’s closing, arms folded, resume [?]
till the child’s posting, palms soaking, get what you’re giving
like a p+wnbroker not focussed, raising your hand
well, it’s not poker, not folders gave you a hand
like a stockbroker [?] find a chain of command
it’s just black culture, shot open, stick to the plan
in the outspoken [?] laying in vans
how could we not know this?
ops rolling but we’re prepared
and we’re not joking glock holders spraying them cans
see the top opens hurry to a ghost where you stand
when you block posting some watch the game as a fan
some will start culture, saw n+ggas burning their brand
then they start smoking, backing up serving your man
being heartbroken

[verse 3: klass murder]
real one, y’all need cat scans to harden me
rochester [?] so pack landed [?]
cut my cousin off ’cause that man was a fraud to me
[?] wanna smoke so there’s [?] out his arteries
right now is a drought so [?] no trees
only reason i’m in the booth ’cause i don’t got no weed
but [?] growing best friend, so when he harvests he’s gon’ call me
got it sold before it land, in a hour i sold forty
really doing what n+ggas rap about
show em what they trap about
trapped like a record label ’cause we put that rapper out
you n+ggas ain’t f+cking with murder
you know what time it is when i duck tape on a banner
my only goal is to get a mil, put that sh+t in the ground
and if rap don’t do it, i’m still flipping them pounds
if i catch an op, he gon’ sit in the ground
and if i get caught, then i’m seating it down
it’s murder

[verse 4: che noir]
hard work turn to sweat, that’s how you earn a cheque
to be honest, i done seen more crooks on the church’s steps
it’s n+ggas in my town that catch bodies to earn respect
so if your neck worth the cheque n+gga, wear a turtle neck
i got a clip full of real boss n+ggas and raw pictures
raw spitters, chase the pain with glock l!cker
ask god to pour a blessing, i’m bringing the [?] with us
pops locked, so we treat jail pigs like prom b+tches, real sh+t
standing ten toes till the casket dips
was born in this cold world with my jacket zipped
i’m old fashioned, i wear the pants with this rapper sh+t
this is a different style so i’m giving n+ggas fashion tips
b+tch, any time i drop, i make the town talk
loud and clear, they can hear me with the sound of
they gon’ label me a outlaw
i got some enemies in h+ll that’s still praying on my downfall

[verse 5]