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38 spesh – carved initials lyrics


had dreams and they shattered [?]
that’s how you end up having war with people you held the ladder for
made evil like i had a [?]
feel like i’m holding a slaughtering sword in [?]
i love life, i ain’t mad at y’alls
y’all remind me of broke [?]
you’re all shopping at the average stores
that’s the probably the reason why y’all dogs all wearing the same coats like they’re labradors
my last shootout, i had a ball
f+ck one magazine, grab em all, give em a catalogue
my b+tch left, i ain’t mad at all
now she got a straitjacket on in a room with [?]
all she do is suck d+ck, i never heard the b+tch vocal cords
code raw, the dope is pure, serve it all, hurt you more
alcohol on an open sore
i was petty never
my [?] are steady clever ready for whoever said he better
n+ggas know i get heavy cheddar
birds wanna flock together, i got a bullet for every feather
any weather we can meet up, summer time
but i’m still riding with the heat up
seen it all the time, n+ggas die or they get bit up
pay it no mind, n+gga i’m just trying to re+up

you know i’m saying, i ain’t done with you motherf+ckers
and i produced everything on this motherf+cker
ain’t n0body f+cking with me, man
i’m giving y’all real life street sh+t, you know i’m saying?
real stories, real events, real talk
gotta love this sh+t
six shots overk!ll, n+gga
shoutout to the trust…