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38 spesh – dirty revolver lyrics


ayo, you act tough but have never been though
talk’s cheap whenever you speak, ’cause they make you leak whatever is in y’all
my cheddar’s been long, got to be [?] twenty+seven years long
still come home doing better than y’all
this [?] make you seat calm, take your sh+t off
big ass revolver [?] or be the spin+off
beef with whoever involved
i don’t care, whatever the odds is, i still bet against y’all
i hear my style in you
to h+ll is where i’ll send you in front of a crowded venue
[?] in you, n+ggas’ snakes and pigs, i see the foul in you
no pigs allowed like a halal menu
fiends used to fill their pipe with a brown [?]
all my crack+heads related, my tab little
at the table, break it down the middle
stay away from n+ggas that have conversations around pillows
shots riddle from the [?], out the window
you never been low, i know all your houses info
playing [?], all on my watch is simple
i think grown, big lethal but not the continental
where i’m from is trauma central, suspenseful
make it out or take dollars and common sense too
guys miserable, baby mama been through
whatever i was into, i never compromise principles
my record company supplies physicals across the country
i needed more money besides digital
wise criminal, fly general [?] hated by gods
’cause i’ve been inside their wives genitals