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38 spesh – fifth shot lyrics


know i’m saying?
38 strategies of raw is on the way n-gg-
i need y’all to patient
man dat’ sh-t in 7 days n-gg-
dat’ sh-t coming on the 1st
ya’ heard me?
let’s go

all my cars got stash boxes in it
stop putting pics on ig
can’t have my sh-t doc-mented
know i’m hot but won’t stop from winning
i put rocks’ in da pendant
and bought ah’ watch to compliment it
you want deez’ blocks den’ i can send it
if you driving distance
i send ah thot in ah honda civic
fall in love? never got the privilege
only rock wit’ b-tches that ‘get dey check up’
like doctor visits
not to mention, this bread by me
fled robberies
you seen the gun smoke and den’ you bleed probably
last year bought 2 red ‘rari’s
off da scene
but the fed’s still tryna tie me to dead bodies
i came from the ‘crack jungle’
had ah thousand bricks
but now ah n-gg- down to his last couple
hunnad stacks in ah black duffle
we all terriers
i’m more pitbull, you jack russell
the strap on the ‘mac snap-buckle
i left the ‘gauge and i grabbed da ‘mac
because of back-trouble
you know i’m used to ah fast hustle
my last scuffle
i introduced gl-ss-jaws to br-ss-knuckles
i guess this what it’s all about
me and my b-tch bout drive ‘ghosts
we live in ah haunted house
i sell drugs in ah large amount
i told my girl “i’m bout to use da kitchen
b-tch, go order out”
you i take risks erry’day
if you ask me? den’ dis’ what i say…
“n-gg- we un’wear dem’ lil’ face rollies
give dem’ b-tches away”
it got the time and da’ date
but it’s missing ah day
you can’t p-ss where you play
can’t sh-t where you stay
we send chips to l.a
and get bricks from day bay’
i met ah plug
and it took all my issues away
when you living like dis’
all your b-tches obey
n-gg- i move with ah 4-5
ah vest and ah 4-4 long
got real strong mob ties
n-gg- dat’s why i’m sitting courtside
dem n-gg-s shot at me and missed
dey’ shooters must be crossed eyed

38 strategies of raw coming n-gg-
it’s da countdown
5 shots