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38 spesh – last round in the clip (outro) lyrics


peace, peace. the good, the bad, the terrible – check it
i remember when i was hungry like it was yesterday. aight?
like this one time, i had no money, know what i’m sayin, like, boom
all i had in the kitchen was my f-ckin’ bread and some tartar sauce, so boom. i put on the bread the tartar sauce and i ate that sh-t
after i ate it, made my stomach hurt, nahmean, and i threw that sh-t up
and all i could think about was like, “d-mn, i’m ‘on be hungry again, man, what the f-ck?”
all y’all there that ever been hungry, y’all know this feeling right there
do not ever lose that feeling of being hungry, because that feeling of being hungry, when you get some bread, when you get some food in your stomach, it’s gon’ make you not be hungry ever again, nahmean? and you need to be able to channel that hunger, ‘cuz you gotta channel that right there
the grind you had when you was hungry is a different type of grind when your belly gets full
and that’s how you have to treat this rap sh-t
don’t ever forget that feeling of being hungry, cuz when you get food, you get lackadaisical, you get complacent. you get lethargic
the next thing you know you chillin’, and someone kickin’ you door, take all your food, n-gga