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38 spesh – lifetime lyrics


[intro: samples & 38 spesh]
huh (green lantern)
trust (it’s 1995)
nine+five sh+t (the evil g+nius)
huh (it’s 1995)
you see that sh+t had to be handled, man? the game is the f+ckin’ game. period
same as it ever was
and frankly, you been here as long as me? you do the thing on your name
ayo, huh

these n+ggas watch too much tv
and i can get you hit up easy
you ain’t a plug if you can’t serve a n+gga who just need three
you a small plug, like the usb+c
these rappers faking, imaginating, they fabricating
they do a whole lot of overexaggerating
we the ones who retaliated
bullets help you reach your final destination, like a travel agent, huh
n+ggas’ life ain’t nothing like mine
b+tch+ass n+ggas prob’ly fight crime
they ain’t have a pipeline, ain’t see ’em in the nighttime
can’t get fly when you cheaper than expedia and priceline
i don’t wanna hear how your ice shine
i’ma on+sight mine, you gon’ write rhymes
won’t do sh+t, yeah you rich, but you so much of a b+tch
they should put your biopic on lifetime
ayo, shoutout to the whole motherf+cking trust, man
street jus’, i see you
asia, what’s happening
black jezz, what’s good, n+gga
shoutout to k!lla ki
585, rochester, new york, what’s goin’ on
trust! let’s go!