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38 spesh – samples of raw lyrics


trust, huh?
know i mean?
samples of raw, samples of raw n-gg-
let’s go

you know i stay with big pockets
made big profits
ain’t ah strange to cop’n mercedez and watches
and i still hate to hear lazy b-tch gossip
ya n-gg- broke? then ya relationship toxic
when you ship boxes
it’s ah strenuous process
used to eat loses
now they harder to digest
this for the sneak thieves and robbers
i un’leave my bricks in the house by theyself like they toddlers
what’s popping n-gg-?
oh you came here to talk?
or you cop’n n-gg-?
tell me how much you bought, huh
i got something that would stop ya heart
tear ya block apart
just left the plug house with ah shopping cart
could care less if it’s hot and dark
my workers outside all the time
just drive through stop and park
i sold rocks took alotta shorts
off bags
made my 1st thousand cash off my momma porch
we popping corks from the ace-of-spade
wit ah hundred k!llers
that’s enough hair-triggers to make ah braid
n-gg- i came up making plays
the way i played the strip
you would think i haven’t ate in days
i was locked up taking trays
now we breaking k’s and we paid
the seats of the wraith is suede
i’m the type n-gg-, ain’t afraid
i threw so many bricks outside
i could’ve made ah cave
but instead i made ah grave
putting money on n-gg-s heads
that old bread that ain’t paid
i made money
ain’t save
reinvested what i made
now it’s coming in from 8 ways
need plenty more
i feed plenty poor people
threw something to me? and start a mini-war
to the n-gg-s that wanna send me off
i’m in a loft, top floor
across the street from city hall