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3adman – 2 am lyrics


no i don’t want just anyone to hold my heart in their hand
just give me one chance i know what you need baby listen to me speak yeah
no i don’t want you to run i want you here in my arms

i know your scared but i am here i got what you need baby you just need to speak yeah
i know you are in pain i was too when you entered my life
you have changed and it hurts me to know that you are hurting so d-mn bad
i’m so sorry for loving you but i can not help but falling
you are the best i am depressed i need you to leave baby get out my life please yeah

you said i ruined it
but i was the one who wanted to do this
so sad that i made music
gave you my heart and you used it
took our friendship abused it
so sick i’m bout to loose it
made this music produced it
asked me to leave and i refused it
ima cold hearted soul yeah
yes i’m cold hearted fool
ima just cry alone
ima just die alone
cause i’m tired of this pain and i just wanna go home
its 2 am and i’m cold
and i don’t feel this sh-t anymore