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3am hade$ – yung chri$t lyrics


charlie green

i want money, gold chains, don’t you front me for that ice
i want money, gold rings, sure i’ll cop some when i rise
for a price that’ll be nice
i’m running a check in it under respect for the night
chains on deck let the lord alive
my life’s is so sure to shine
borderline, crazy never lazy
don’t face me i’m far from basic i’m facing earth
down for rebirth
don’t get on my nerves or i swear that i’ll swerve
down to your house
locate your wife and i talk to her right and i’ll lift up her blouse
kitchen knife or a d-ck in her mouth
through the night she would think of me now
promise i bomb this regardless
i’m honest
no bargains for fathers
my dollars are causing the pop in the collars
soon to be the next new mc straight dropping the commas
rocking designer? bound
i will have 40 rounds
hunnid acres naughty sounds
from the paper momma proud


surrounded by demons
i’m screaming
i’m scheming while selling codiene in the cup
don’t give a f-ck
i be up in the cut
while selling robetussin finnessing the plug
mentally insane hoe i’m always serious
yung jxker royal gang you know they hearing us
come to your crib f-ck your b-tch like i’m furious
make her young p-ssy look old that’s progeria
i spit my sh-t raw man f-ck all that’s censorship
your b-tch want access to me like a membership
she got on her knees and gave it a tender l!ck
she wanted to feed me
she on that vendor sh-t
kicked in overdrive i’m flipping the switch
scratching a dream i’ve been dying to itch
cut your throat so deep can’t fix with no st-tch
yung chri$t triple six finished im out this b-tch