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3am – ambitions lyrics


ambitions are priceless
it’s something in your vein
and i put that on my name

uh,im’ma junior turned senior
of the 051 i’m the mothaf-ckin’ leader
witty like peter
they called me a weeper
here i’m standing in front of y’ll
now they call me their speaker
cuz i had an ambition
i worked hard for it,now you can see me grindin’ harder
dancin’ in that private charter
i’m still climbing that ladder
i remember when i used to listen to carter
named him the best
but f-ck it…he no more on the marble
shoutout to people who love me
i hate people who watch glee
so don’t f-ck with me
“em is a rap god”
b-tch? let’s agree to disagree
i’m spittin rhymes like biggie
your life is lamer than micky
i don’t even understand that sh-t!
is it legit?
anyone who calls you a midget
you should probably quit
and f-ck up on his -ss a bit

ambitions,i’m talkin ambitions
cuz they priceless,it’s something in your vein and i put that on my name

uh,they call me jay z of the wild wild west!
cuz i meet with the presidents
viben’ at my residence
ever thought to confess?