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3am – back to church lyrics


surrounded by hideous green-eyed monsters and envious glares,am i walking,step by step to the dark furrows of anxiety and pressure
broken promises
half of the sh-t they tell me is nonsense
d-mn,i can’t even sense em’ no more
i misread all the cautions
still going monstrous
sell all my feelings in an auction
full of sins,sanctify me
i’m a monster multiplied by 3

(verse 1)
i’m losing empathy,this sh-t is scary
i found true love too early
thought i was a vitiligo in the east
regather my energy,i just want a piece of peace
chasing happiness like wile-e cayotes
get outta my cloud made out of illegal smiles
looking back at my tribulation and my trials
i deserve nothing but success
this sh-t hits me right up in the chest
uhh,wearing hoodies looking for the br–sts
teenage spirit nothing but the best
i come from an era where n0body made it
third world where only god can save ya
you get k!lled for being different
growing up was difficult
my story will never be mystical
pinnacle of all the losses,still trying hard cuz you know it’s pivotal
you don’t even know the sh-t i been through
i’ve been doing this sh-t since fifty was cool,cent wasn’t just another jewel and you could hear eminem even in the schools
uhh,i belong to the generation of overlooked children
all i got is a dollar and an ambition
you know you’re hot,new york,when they listenin’ to you in the city of pilgrims
i’mma make my way through cuz i have myself a vision
this sh-t so depressing it made me go schizophrenic
bought to be the greatest ever alive
this sh-t a movement,this sh-t is a hive