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3am – love/hate lyrics


oh man,oh yeah

i thought you was fine and i knew you would be the loyal one too
they say your girl represents you,so i started out listing the similarities we had and 101 ways to love you
but i never knew,but i never knew..
then i finally grew some guts to bust a nut,i came to say hi and you were like “get the f-ck out of my way,you b-tt”
kept me sleepless for nights,thinking what did i do wrong?
i finally got it,the last supper spinach on my teeth which i never really brushed off,oh shit
made me cry and laugh all at the same time
just playing around with my homies then i catch a glimpse of your -ss and i’m like
“oh my god,becky look at that b-tt”
next thing that happens is that everything i vision goes upside down except you
3 minutes later i finally realize it ain’t skepticism,it’s as real it gets cuz your homeboys just tug me to a trees branch upside down
better safe than sorry,i finally know you’re a hood girl and i have to get rid of all those f-ckboys you hang around with
i told my homie that i’m digging this hood girl,she real fine but we have to get rid of her bros first
he’s like not to worry my brother,i know a thing or two about the hood
he gave me a fake tech nine and tell’s me that it’s all good
i go bashin’ there like a motherf-cker next thing i know her boys are weapon suppliers and when they see me they really pissed off
i gulped thought it was the end cuz one of em’ told me that he gon supply my -ss straight to god just like he supplies for them cubans,haan
i’m patiently waiting to let myself k!lled,next thing i know she stops her bros and tell them to fold
i’m like you really didn’t have to do that and she be like boy you don’t know nothing bout these streets
i’m like i’m a thug,b-tch i know my shit
she stares at me and i go like i’m a thug but you turn me into the one who wants a hug
she laughs and tell me that i’m cute
turned my acute perceptions to be true
i know,i know
d-mn,girl you kept me hustling like a ferris wheel
but it ain’t no deal,want to go get a meal?

why you gotta act like this?
stop trying to act like you some swiss
i ain’t treating you like chris
my name ain’t fritz so why you expect me to do all this?
i would really appreciate if you blow a kiss
cuz your happiness is my bliss
cuz your happiness is my bliss
i guess every girls the same
i ain’t trying to make hits
i’m just speaking the truth as it is
i never knew,d-mn
i never knew,d-mn