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3am – negativity lyrics


man,why these people so fake to me
one moment they are the sweetest and other moment,jesus
i just wanna,never mind
hit the beat!

uh everybody’s fake over here
i wish i could go back over there
where i didn’t give a f-ck anymore
best friends turned greatest enemies
i just wanna leave the reality,if it’s that f-cked up
everybody over here has jealousy
god d-mn it i can feel it
god d-mn it i can feel it
hit that blunt
and then i spit it
my head feels like i got 99,000 problems
i just wanna walk in those gardens in the automns
sh-t,i seen things
man,my mama threw me when i was 6
uh,when i was only 6
they say you got everything so why you so b-tchin’
i said sh-t man,i’m a human as well,d-mn
rappers say they got b-tches on there d-ck
man,that ain’t real no more
shout out to wu tang clan

surrounded by these negativity
it’s like i’m captivated,captivity
man i have been a victim of humility