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3am – rebirth of a savage lyrics


charlie,charlie are you there?

[verse 1]
d-mn,i feel like i just witnessed rebirth
i have never felt like this before,what’s my worth?
this whole helter skeltar and the manson family theory is getting absurd
cuz it’s getting real and real,turn up the tv boy and look what you did to yourself
ferguson to baltimore,travyon martin to eric garner

these children that come at you with knives, they are your children. you taught them. i didn’t teach them. i just tried to help them stand up

[verse 2]
we ain’t in no wonderland anymore,alice
i’m getting all callous,this is the rebirth of a savage
funny,funny how i’m gonna suffer pain from the womb of my mother till i die near the tomb of my brother
yeah,i’m real as it gets
smoke some blunts till mornin’ just to provoke my thoughts,work for some weird -ss cause just to sell my record
this is the rebirth of a savage,ballin’ like i play for mavericks
dressed in all white,”oh he must be doing well.i’m jealous”
i can see for miles,what i’ll be going through
lord,don’t test me anymore cuz i just don’t want to go through your sh-tty trials
enough is enough,give me my reward
beware of the eyes,i’m focused even though i’m high
so high,i’m skysliding
my life’s so plain,i need a burlap
aesop or a$ap?
so much sh-t going through my mind,i need a recap for the words i said,i’m sorry if i ever offended ya,i’m just like that

[verse 3]
this is the rebirth of a savage,my mind works like artificial intelligence,i need some good weed and a beverage
i know,i know every damage you did to me was avid
but look at yourself too,they are nothing but selfish
i’m getting like charles manson
living is what scares me,dying seems so easy
i’m no reflection of my so called education
all self-made
i’m not even of this generation
good vibes are all i need to end this dream

[bridge 2]
lil boy this ain’t no dream this is a nightmare full of their regime

[verse 4]
i need to keep my head up
this that thug life sh-t
this that f-ck your wife sh-t
aw man,this is the same old thing which pac has been doing since 90’s,sh-t
but anyways
chains on my neck like i’m king tut,b-tch
guess,i’ll be living in my fantasy just to keep away from reality
cuz it’s so d-mn lethal and lacks amnesty
life full of mystic trips and wizard of oz type sh-t
this is the rebirth of a savage,probability is i’m gonna live life like the bird of p-ssage,cuz after all i’m just a savage