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3am – the last of dinosaurs lyrics


verse 1
feelin’ nutritious,making love to my b-tches
somebody gotta come down cuz i’m on a come up
that chanel made me act all lavish,sippin’ dirty like a teacup
but when i’m in my zone,it’s all savage straight up
write every rap like it’s my last
working hard till i p-ss
givin’ details like jan van eyck,turning all my dreams into reality,you people trying to ruin it like whistler’s mother
fell in a pit full of no colors
trying not to f-ck with anyone in the communism
i feel like an amish
i’m the last of dinosaurs but still i feel like thomas

verse 2
sh-t made me bipolar i can change from t pain to pusha t in a second
i don’t rap,i’m just flexing
red bottoms remind me of the blood sacrificed by my ancestors
third world it don’t matter if you pull up with your weapon
no metro but i’m still boomin,i might as well go make a full length movie on my snapchat
everything foreign,we just bought some ralph lauren
this is the moment,this is the moment where the f-ck is morgan freeman?
yeah,i can smell the teen spirit
urine,s-m-n and everything that’s explicit
these raybans protect me from sh-t that’s vivid
errything subliminal cuz i’m on some wisp sh-t
fly in these dc’s,that’s conspicuous
ain’t stopping till i get a hublot on my wrist,b-tch

verse 3
in p-town with private ryan
telling me i can’t do this or that?
congratulations! you just played yourself
p-ssive aggression,i don’t talk sh-t
i feel like a mime to be honest
on some chronic bout to go super sonic but before that i gotta vomit
count money well,that’s why i was the president of economics
last of the dinosaurs,when tectonics shake,my hormones be shakin’,they harmonic
i ain’t lyin’ when i say my life’s a comic
thinking about past
thinking about murkin’ your -ss
i might forgive but never forget
f-ck the internet,i’mma drop this on a c-ssette
chillin’ out,laying on my couch
half of you had doubts,i don’t see y’ll now
i am 3am and i’m out