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3am – trap lord mansion lyrics


trap lord mansion
trap lord mansion

got b-tches in my mansion
smokin’ with them that benson
5 pools,9 bedrooms
givenchy perfume
i got 4 doors,16 cars
living like a motherf-cking czar
party everyday
yes,even on monday’s
i’mma f-ck your b-tch even if she’s getting late
gold plates,corn flackes
going platinum,updates
me & you can never relate
i just sold 100,000 bricks,mate
and your b-tch is on my d-ck
she wanna get laid

trap lord mansion
trap lord mansion

i land in colombian
head with rayban’s out
“yo soy el jefe”
i’m a boss,b-tch,with the boss -ss b-tch beside me
f-ck everybody even who’s ridin’ with me
uh,i don’t talk sh-t,i talk money,b-tch
gold choppa,man that sh-t looks like my beastly d-ck
black gucci,black raybans,black rolly
i’m the man who’s makin money,only

my mansion’s front lookin’ like that bellagio
i’mma f-ck that b-tch even if she says “no”

i’m all about that brick
i’m all about that brick
million dollars i flip
all this c0ke
i’m so high
i might need a cloak
b-tch,your boys a joke
i slept with 300 then it turned to a 900 when i woke
that p-ssy sweet like honey oat