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3amalexander – feet up lyrics


check your tone !
i’m in my zone !
smoking strong
this way be beyond me
he try hit my side piece
told these die for me

imma do it properly
this sh+t monopoly
runner up till it stuck
give a f+ck
show no love
i’m to real

you cannot relate
baby spoiled got her feet up
ex dude a lame
her couldn’t keep up
i’ve been doing me an now they see us

m a r
m a r

my sh+t push to star
push to star
off the mussel with the hustle
i’ve been going hard
drive it like i stole but i brought the car
and the titttes to
she want a mini coupe
i had a dеjvu
walking down malibu
yeah im in my zone which way im traveling dimond stonеs look at the clarity

i’m having a race against the clock
need to solidify my spot at the top
if you talking down there’s a chance you
could get popp
i know you n+ggah
quite acting ht