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3at – hybris lyrics


verse 1:ml
f-ck it, i can’t say that honestly
im usually the one to not care but it’s starting to get hard for me
i just want things to be the way that they oughta be
bottled up emotions always tend to break out and slaughter me
events in the past eventually become a part of me
a weak don’t give a f-ck att-tude is the art of me
i feel the bad memories all the way to my arteries
if i were you i’d keep a distance and not even start with me
more sh-t piles up and i’ll react horribly
a show called the sh-tstorm and you’ve been invited cordially
all the awkward kids born after i recite it orally
shy about it? nah, that’s what the kid was like formerly
i show emotion but its important to show authority
i demonstrate devotion its important to know priorities
i know that i’ll be talked about bad by the majority
that don’t phase me those b-tches can form a sorority
angers buildin’ up, i’d love a return to normalcy
cuz things that im thinking of are kinda getting disorderly
i write instead of doing so that no ones wounded mortally
and getting my thoughts out is starting to mean a lot more to me