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3bandj ft. sosa – mood lyrics


it’s big sosa man an you know i don’t play bout’ my bae
i don’t where i’m going so just stay the f-ck out my way
please don’t cross my path cause you know i stay lit wit da k
she said “yo bacon burnt” , but i just told that b-tch “its okay”
you’s a f-ckin lick, slap you wit a brick b-tch yo mouth do tricks
30 on my hip, extra clip watch me make it flip
f-ck that b-tch then dip
let her rip
time to take a trip get some lean & sip chasing chips got the sauce that drip

b-tch i like bacon cause that sh-t cause that sh-t be so d-mn good on my food
don’t ask too many questions i’m not even trynna be rude
hit me up to smoke a blunt or lets get lit an make moves
i stay so f-ckin turnt cause being sad is never my mood
juice in the coupe, we in the booth
never can f-ck the p-ssy if its loose, you is a goof
car got no roof, smoking on stupid loud just like i’m snoop
don’t give no f-cks loud got me stuck
one day i’m gonna get a bentley truck
shut the f-ck up you is a duck get on yo knees & suck my f-ckin nuts

i go get bucket
pressing the b-tton, ya b-tch in the oven
smash like a buffet, fill up her stomach
booty on bubble, booty on onion
live through the struggle, the come up is coming
money my luggage
shoutout my cousins, shoutout my brothers
doing the numbers
i lay the pipe right n-gg- coulda been a plumber

yeah 3 on the flow boy off the leash been in the cut for a week rapping i’m spraying the heat
grab the flow rip it to pieces
hasta la viesta i’m swiping the visa
running up fast like a cheetah
shoot for no reason spraying you geezers
get out my face you felica
unleash the thang it’ll freeze ya
3 got yo hoe just to beat her
i spit the flow through the speaker balling can’t sit on the bleacher
everyday rolling a tree up