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3bandj – crazy lyrics


[3bandj]-verse 1:
living life in circles don’t wanna get dub like urkel
just do it like the commercial no fear you just gotta hurtle
verbal verses very hurtful so be careful
i got several ounces of that purple
weed universal
spitting hard ain’t no rehearsal
want it bad look like i’m bout hurt you
tekken combo reversal
all the time bars eternal
flow too hot broke the thermal
n-gga i’m the captain an the colonel
of my journal, pop her then she explode
like a kernel
on i’m the verge of blowing​ like a cherry on a virgin
dive in but i’m emerging fire on the surface clean like dish detergent know you heard it spread the word this sh-t crazy
fire every time i spit, but i’m lazy
counting up these benjamin’s like they raised me
she coming then she leave again, that’s a lady

verse 2:
yeah, yeah
don’t know what i want anymore
can’t wait n-gga getting bored
i’m just praying up to lord
thanking him he the reason for my survival
psalms 23 grandma had read me the bible (i will fear no evil)
let us say amen
they like where from and why you always gotta go crazay
i’m from little hood farmington where they raise me
shoutout keese what’s good my n-gga we gone make it
spitting facts on the track just call this a statement
goin’ in real smoove mr. pavement
hope somebody hear this real soon, make a payment
bouta take off real soon already got my sp-ceship
in there ya biddie waiting told her get naked
she gave it to me imma drank it, ooo it’s tasty
spread my flow like icing on a pastry
sit back an watch me go crazy

verse 1:
i could be hanging wit n-ggas that’s trynna rob me
i could be f-cking with b-tches that’s paid to pop me , but i would never know
seeking ways that never show, stacking bread and laying low cause that’s the only way to go
they faking, hating praying a n-gga gonna just fail, but i’m just trynna stack this bread and not just get a bell
i’m tired of that court sh-t , yeah that court sh-t a dub
f-ck a b-tch ion’ show them no love
my heart colder than hondro whip when i sleep at night (d-mn)
citywide, i’m not a star but i can see the light
i told shey that i wish somebody would murk me
knowing good and well i wouldn’t let no n-gga hurt me
dt just hit my phone, told me to stay strong
momma sittin’ at the shot up home , trying to find a home
this the second time that i was -ssumed guilty
let alone the fact that these n-ggas trynna k!ll me

verse 2:
factuated at peace , is how i’m trying to be
stack of blue hundreds, on a plate, is how i’m trynna eat
big bed mirror on the ceiling , how i’m trynna sleep
so i can just lay back and look up at me
name another n-gga that you know that can f-ck with me and i don’t understand these n-ggas thats why they under me
said that tommy won’t c-ck my n-gga? touch an see
bet i let it burn a n-gga quick like a first degree
sh-t was different and its crazy cause i seen it first
rest in peace to ‘boogie b they put my n-gga on a shirt
so ima hit em’ where it hurt
(‘dreams of all my n-ggas in the vert skkrt’)