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3blindmice, casey hurt, kristopher diaz – good to be the king lyrics


[intro: king jesse]
kicked in the do’
threw the money on the floor
now all i see is suckers saluting in slow-mo

king jesse in the house, raise your gl-sses
get your wallets out you pockets
all the hail the king

jack daniels and jimmy bean
these are a few of my favorite things
it’s good to be the king
it’s so good to be the king

pockets fat, women thin
high stakes that i’m bound to win
it’s good
it’s so good to be the king

[verse 1: king jesse]
allow me by way of introduction
to say a little something about these streets i grew up in
trying to scr-pe a dollar out of nothing
take a little fate then make it substance

you see where i come from
you can live forever on your knees
begging alms
paying homages another man decrees
or. you can give the people what they need
just enough to let them make believe they are free

so i wear a heart on my sleeve
keep a spade in my cup
fill it without a shadow, call my bluff

i was born an urchin
told i wasn’t worth the weight of my dirt
now king crab side stepping curse of my birth
tell em’

jesse in the house

[king jesse]
throw your rice on the table
watch it never change spots
lies become fables
whatever it takes for these ladies in lace to come walking my way
and they do, yeah
they do, so

white powder and stacks of green
these are a few of my favorite things
it’s good to be the king
it’s so good to be the king

hot dice
loaded decks
taxing the checks of my loyal subjects
it’s good
it’s so good to be the king

[spoken: joe]
word had spread far and wide about king jesse’s success
and every young turk that had felt the draw of a dark room on a hot summer night tried his hand at toppling the king

king jesse you rolling tonight?

[king jesse]
who’s asking young man?

[verse 2]
well i
guess you probably heard of me
hi, i’m stagalino lie
said roust about and took a billy line
just for trying to pull an ace i wasted him
my aim was nice
but you should see what i do with my dice

i heard that you’re the king fish
i brought my hook and bait along
roll the bones, place your bets on the heart eight
here comes the heart ache jesse
i come for crown and scepter
i come for kin and kingdom

so you and your big potenta better
recognize i’m better then the average guys
that darken up your door
six foot two but i pack a 44

no funny stuff, get me?
well do this on the level jump
didn’t come to start rumors, i only came to settle them

if your half a decent as your reverence proceeds you
you may put up a fight but it is i that will unseat you

night, night king i demote you to a knave
i’m the best that ever rolled admit these skeletons are my slaves

how high?

[king jesse]
as high as you’d like

well let’s go
big joe

big joe pulled a big number
what number did joe pull?

big joe pulled a big number
what number did joe pull?

[king jesse]
easy cash stacks from c-cky fiends
these are a few of my favorite things

oh it’s good to be the king
it’s so good to be the king

my crowd shouting as they tend to do
and watching the look on your face when you lose

it’s good
it’s so good to be the king

your stacks look low
you need a loan?
a little boost to your cash flow
i’m happy to oblige
or maybe you need a back rub?
you know how to scr-p with lion cubs
but now your rolling high
with the king of the pride

down simba
i call this one the ropadope
the hustle up to ruffalo
the caesar in the senate on ides

and i’m surprised
you pity my position
cause the word around your kingdom
is that you love coming from behind

yeah i said it

[king jesse]
fine, i’m a little roman in my sentiments
but you?
your a pion in the presence of his immanents your impetus
and i forgive the sense of impudence
your judgement blurred?
correct it
because the ringing have the last word

i might be down but i’m still swinging big
i’m better when there’s pressure
money’s fine but i’m the kind
that’s more inclined to precious treasure
last two rolls were pocket change
i’m hoping for some real cake
what do you say your highness?
one more for some real stakes?