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3cr – giro day lyrics


sitting here waitin’ for my giro to arrive,
i sometimes wonder if i’m still alive,
i’d go down to the bookies or even to the pub,
shame my f-ckin’ giro won’t even buy my grub,


richard and judy are on tv,
i should’ve stayed in bed in my misery,
two weeks ago i lost my job
i’m turning into a f-cking slob,

i go down to the job centre every day,
minimum wage is all they say,
cleaning out toilets or stacking shelves,
i’m a skilled man they can f-ck themselves,


life on the social’s really f-ckin’ dull,
24 seven i’m bored out of my skull,
i can’t keep it up, there’s just no way,
all my money’s gone on giro day,