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3crime – my crime lyrics


[verse1: 3crime]
break of dawn day starts like any other
problems, problems
no solutions
wastin’ my life, dreading my path
sick of the codes
sick of the dark waves;
morning hits me in the face
condescending people f-ck
f-ck with my brain

[hook: 3crime]
why don’t you just go
(b-tch leave me alone)
sh-t ain’t happening to me no more (no more)
i got homies on my side
waiting to slit throats apart
b-tch, don’t you f-ck with pride
i ain’t coming back out of this
sh-t hole time
this sh-t gone wild
i ain’t listenin’ to you go
blah, blah blah blah blah
talkin’ about me when
my back’s turned around
b-tch you got no right
to make me feel alright!
you ain’t a pocket full of weed
you just gonna bleed
my d-ck’s a knife
gone so wild
you ain’t got the f-cking time
to make it out alive
b-tch mah name’s 3crime

[verse2: 3crime]
night goes on and on
there’s nothing on my mind and
i ain’t leaving this room
day comes and goes by
i ain’t done nothin’
but stare at this sh-t hole forever

[verse3: 3crime]
my existence in this place
a f-cked up lie
the mark on your face
a perfect alibi
can’t i just start drinkin’
all the booze is over
can’t i just smoke a stash
without you bullsh-ting on mah -ss
b-tch where are you?
this sh-tload of bottles
needs a little cleaning too!
maybe the bottles slip
my hand’s so fulla sweat
hits you in the face hard
you go down screaming aa-a-aa-a-a-a-ah
b-tch, you make me do
the perfect crime

[hook] x1

the last note that i play; the only time you see my face
my guitar goes into a trance is when i see you dance, b-tch

[verse2] x2