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3c’s – nothing: 2 whom it may concern lyrics


yeah 2x
i am 3c’s
and it’s the re-fix

i was born left, with a whole lot, that’s right for me
and on this land, i’ve written it, that’s hard to sea
my spot sought presence, they’re it’s absentee
from naija, born on si, nyc, and i evidently rep p.w.e
the one man threat, doesn’t need a duet
an east coast beast, my kudos to each vet
i nike with ease, a few soaked in their sweat
because, i eat and treat, the beat like her pet
it’s loving what i’m saying getting wet
ha ha! are you upset?
it’s my point of view, stay your -ss off the set
a few ladies invest in my time
they’re priceless, don’t call them a dime
they could be so d-mn fine
but i’m sorry, if sour i’m tossing the lime
i don’t bang, but do move in silence
clearly, not tulips, but i don’t seek violence
i just got a lot more, to be told
my mother raised me, to be bold
what father taught me, is to be cold
process of this resource, becoming gold
i’m just saying, this is the least of what’s yet, to really unfold
over here, we really don’t care, tell me what is fear, there is not a scare
oh, you dudes tough? no, it’s just a bluff, i’ve had about enough, stay the f-ck, out of here
this is serious, i am not 3c’s, when i’m furious
had to take a trip, to my mother’s land, after some idiots, were that curious, don’t be delirious
you motherf-ckers, we might just get hit with the nothing
the only occasion, when i’m doing nutting, when stroking my ladies, till i started busting
i did some adjusting, too much, i was told, i’m disgusting, might just be the lack of them trusting
or if the ladies, really sought love, when the mood, up in the air, was just l-sting
d-mn! my neguses, sure we made the work of the year, solid than a rock, won’t shed a tear
foes on the sideline, i make it, they’ll cheer, i intend to win, couldn’t wait to have an f to spare
yea hoe, i really don’t share, i envisioned that throne, as my chair
although, they’re sleeping on me, not knowing that, in the zone, was my where, but right now, i’m here
road to success, they admire, how i steer, swerving till i expire, i hope this is clear
yea, i hope this is clear, f-ckers hope this is clear

is it clear? 2x
yea, i hope this is clear
hope it’s clear, that we might just get hit with the nothing
get hit with the…