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3d blast – talk to me lyrics


talk to me, talk to me, talk to me, baby

[verse: frankjavcee]
3d blast on the beat, got me feelin’ free
like miami, 1980’s, and we on the beach
the ladies love us cuz’ [?] originals
bikini’s poppin, i’m just boppin’
and i’m all up in my zone

yeah, this is a vibe
yeah, i’m smooth i just slide
yeah, calvin harris, i might
yeah, just make this my night

eeny meeny meeny meeny meeny miny moe
we out here vibin’ and thrivin’ fo’ sho’
you know we out here ready to go
cruisin’ down south all the way to mexico

i’m the life of the party
you know i get this sh+t started
you know i got this sh+t poppin’
you know money means nothing
to your boy frankjavcee
all you gotta do it talk to me
talk to me, talk to me, talk to mе, baby