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3d – intro lyrics


[verse 1: 3d]

in the sea of trash rappers im looking like glad wrappers
but business is always ruined cause n-ggas is back stabbers
i know that concept is basic
but the proof is in the music thats the facts you gotta face it
dosage of your own medication
know your mind’s racing like a kenyan but tell me just how it’s tastin
know it’s kind of bittersweet literally paper chasing
im running to the math i get it quicker than an asian
eight or nine hours of sleep i’m never taking
and thats quite unhealthy or at least that’s what they saying but
sleep is deaths cousin and with me there’s no relation
me and life is steady dating earth is mine for the taking
and it’s hard to relax when you can hear the voice of satan
feel like the lord is real but i dont know i’m still debating
till the day there ain’t no waking me homie, steady blazing
gained appreciation for the whole planet through medidation


i’m livin’ (x5)

[verse 2: 3d]

i had a dream for two hours then i woke back up
couldn’t sleep so i rolled and then i wrote mad stuff
don’t understand why in my life all i know is bad luck
1 plus negative 3, it don’t add up
why every day all i think about is what if?
and every night i dream of jumping off cliffs
or getting beaten with bricks
until they bury me up under six feet in a ditch
i dont know but man this life is a b-tch
i’m in a tunnel steady searching for my light with the switch
i ain’t laughed in so long i need a nitrous hit
never told them how i feel cause they gone think that i’m sick
then they’ll lock me in a padded room and swallow the pick
@3dmho go on follow the kid
roll with me pending on what your tolerance is
i see the snakes in the gr-ss, its all biters
but its alright cause i’m pulling these all nighters
and i suggest y’all wake up too
foreign exchange these is songs you could break bud to

(roll up)