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3d – iron giant intro lyrics


[verse 1: 3d]

who would have knew the kid
would grow up with more power than midas and doc’ julius
turning everything gold and
spittin’ foot long lines to let you know who the ruler is
and anyone who slept
is either gonna wake or get stepped on and left
i tried to reason with them, but they don’t hear me though
see the propeller in my mind i’m getting aerial
the pen and paper connect
i’m like a laser man i’m greater and it made me a threat
rhymes hot as the equator, darth vader when dressed
in all black you wack rappers better pay me respect
but thats a large fortune
mighty flow young was just a small portion
of what 3d can do when transforming
his eyes turn red whenever he’s destroying
the rap game, really thats been destroyed
so in some strange way i am filling that void
and if you dont get it, i’ll dumb it down
or my hit list probably says the name of your town
and if life is a batch i’m never getting shot down

[dj grimm drops]

[verse 2: 3d

i understand its been a really long time
but i had to get my system redefined and refined
i was training and smoking the same time
while the walk that i walked turned loudmouths to mimes
the flow such a miracle
im getting real lyrical clearer than dolby digital
so watch the film reel spin
if you’re not a fan now, tell me how you feel then
i’m a tyrant who practices non violence
get your hands raised by all rays that’s ultraviolet
rebel with a cause you all should really try it
welcome to the mind of the real iron giant