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3d – slack lyrics


too slack ah n-gga now working on new racks
adding to stash i think i might me a new bag gucci to louie the third for cash ain’t even popped the tag i am too busy thinking bout lag and cleaning the grease on my hand with a rag grab the mask take out the trash first never last im doin laps this is intuitive rap im laying the blatantist facts tippin my hat but now looking closer it look like a cap then get to thinking i stepped in some cr-p i’m type go out and might do the dash crashed fast
i’ve got to dismiss it like early dismissal i’m wondering what’s on the menu and pondering changing the venue a post card i’ll send you baking a cake in the rental all the while
thinking bout pesos i got a gun do whatever i say so the feds are watching no photo no promo these n-ggas are building foundations with lego’s know a few b-tches on gomo for low low working don’t matter long as pays oh fw my money and it might get yo case closed i put in blood sweat and tears for the bankrolls they dropping bombs but i’m dropping payloads i call these cheesing -ss n-ggas alfredo’s right at the neck like i am a capo follow the mold resembling plado

unless i say so don’t move unless i so no
whatever i say so gun do whatever i say to do

sh-t gone be pay per view they be guessing but still don’t have a clue first rule of fighting is one and then two if you get past the first one then second you’re threw im on a plane call her jane and then flew i bought a ticket right back to my roots put all that i want to gain in the booth and noticing what i became cause i grew feel like a man when i’m totin a tool it ain’t sh-t to do with just tryna be cool if that’s why you got it then you is a fool if i stunt for public then pay what is due gotta small circle only fw a few you see how i’m working yes i’m in the groove i act like i don’t but got something to prove i worked on my punt thats a pun i improved knowledge is power i use like a tool id rather that then front page on the news and know what i said back before was just rude i’m blunt like the tip on the edge of a spoon
she holding on gripping my pole in the mood used to pull up in stolo the flow is unusual